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Our Mission

Into Concerts is a Music Management and Booking Agency specializing in the live music entertainment industry. We have been going strong since 2014 and have been trading under Metal Bookings for close to 20 years.

Please see our other website, specialising in Rock and Metal, here:


We are dedicated to representing all genres of music and have a wide range of artists under our belt.

Our Director and Head Agent, Denise Dale, is a Fellow of the Entertainment Agents Association (FEAA) and has been in the business for nearly two decades. Thanks to her experience and extensive network, Into Concerts is well-placed to offer a wide range of services for all Artists. Denise's accreditation as a Fellow of the Entertainment Agent's Association gives her and Into Concerts unparalleled access to worldwide contacts, including promoters, venues, festivals, labels, managers, artists and anyone else in the industry that you could possibly need.


Spreading the Music

At Into Concerts, we specialize in music management and bookings for all genres.


From pop to electronic, K-Pop to rap, soul to jazz, we have something for everyone. We provide a range of services for our artists, from social media and promotion to extensive management and bookings. Our team of experienced professionals take their time to get to know each artist and their unique needs.


We are dedicated to helping our artists reach their full potential and make their mark on the music industry.


Social Media and Digital Marketing

One of the difficulties of starting a band or musical project is getting your music heard. You need to be active on social media platforms and build a following before most industry promoters and managers will take a second look at you. At Into Concerts, in conjunction with Social Media and Digital Marketing company White Iris Media, we offer a Social Media and Digital Marketing package.

This package includes:

- A personalised social media strategy that is tailored to you, your goals and your target audience.

- Creating engaging and high-quality content for all social media platforms.

- Comunity management

All of our social media and digital marketing packages are uniquely tailored according to your specific needs and goals. With a personalised social media and digital marketing strategy, artists can increase their visibility, attract industry attention and, ultimately, grow their fan base.

Artist management

Every Artist needs a Manager in their corner to oversee various aspects of their artistic career and help them navigate the music industry. Our personalised management package, tailored to each individual band's needs, takes advantage of our deep connections across the music industry, 17 years strong. 

This package includes:

- Advice, help and strategic guidance with important decisions related to your music career. 

- We help with all negotiations that relate to your musical career.

- We can label shop for you from our connection with thousands of labels from around the world, ranging from small independent labels to large multi-national ones.

-  We have a long history of helping artists develop a cohesive and compelling brand, including visual and stylised aesthetics, themes and brand identity.

artist bookings

Into Concerts has been bookings artists around the world for over seven years, and our sister company Metal Bookings has been booking Rock and Metal artists for over 16 years. We are a trusted and known booking agency with strong connections to venues and promoters worldwide, alongside our connections with managers and management companies internationally. So whether you're looking to play small venues, open for established acts, play festivals or anything else, we have the tools and connections to help make those dreams a reality.

We guarantee show offers, and our services are tailored to your specific needs, plans and goals, meaning that you'll be getting the offers that really matter.

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